Current Status: STand Down

Weekly Update: Recovery Efforts Going Strong


ABSC Disaster Relief teams and spontaneous volunteers have been deployed for 30 days now. In Pine Bluff, flood waters have not yet completely receded, so some homes have yet to be assessed. The work is ongoing, but it is good to stop and reflect on what has been completed, and DR volunteers have accomplished an enormous amount in a short period of time. So far, Disaster Relief volunteers have:

  1. Served 3327 meals to affected people.
  2. Finished 41 flood recovery jobs, 56 tear-out jobs, and 1 chainsaw job.
  3. Pressure washed 26 homes.
  4. Done mold remediation work in 47 homes.
  5. Provided 984 showers for victims and 998 loads of laundry.
  6. Assessed 193 homes for flood damage.
  7. Completed a total of 9448 volunteer hours between the 414 volunteers.
  8. Contacted 927 people through ministry and chaplaincy volunteers.
  9. Distributed 77 tracts and 36 Bibles.
  10. Have presented the gospel 93 times and led 19 people to Christ.

We are so grateful for the men and women who have given up their time and to make a positive impact on our state. 


We still need volunteers in Pine Bluff! Click here to learn how to get involved.


Pray that these flood victims would find hope and peace amid this crisis. Pray also for the safety of affected individuals and the volunteers risking their health to help solve problems during this time.


Monetary costs add up quickly in a major disaster like this one. If you feel led to support Disaster Relief financially, click here to give now.

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