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News from Missouri, Oklahoma, and Arkansas

With everything that’s happening across the region, Arkansas Baptist Disaster Relief has been busy. We thought it was time for an update!
This year the Arkansas River will be higher than it has been in recorded history and many places are being flooded that are normally safe. We are continuing to monitor the situation as it grows and will be staging supplies in locations along the river.

The first of these will be housed at Grand Avenue Baptist Church in Fort Smith and will be operational this week. Along with supplies, we have two feeding units operational. Washington-Madison is working in Sebastian County (Fort Smith) to feed volunteers and survivors. The state feeding unit (Unit 1) has gotten the unique opportunity to feed inmates in Faulkner County. These individuals are filling sandbags to be used to protect people’s homes from the flooding and we are available to both feed them and minister to them!

We are also assisting with the flood recovery process in Oklahoma as they experience the same degree of flooding and significant storm damage. Two of our chainsaw teams – Balboa Baptist Church and Northwest Association – have deployed to Claremore, OK to help restore the damaged area. Additionally, the Ozark Baptist Church Shower & Laundry unit is working with first responders in the Cherokee Nation outside of Muskogee, OK.
We also have a chainsaw team deploying to Buckhorn, MO where storm damage has left tree uprooted and homes damaged.

Please pray for:

  • SBC leadership in the region. Our volunteers and resources are being stretched.
  • The survivors of these disasters. As they begin the recovery process, we know that God can use us to minister to them.
  • The volunteers in our region as they continue to provide relief to our neighbors.

We are deeply saddened by these events and are grateful that God uses these things for good. This opportunity to minister to those impacted and first responders gives us the chance to share the hope of the kingdom with everyone around us. We are grateful to be able to serve in this capacity.

Thank you to our volunteers as they prepare to go into the field and to all of you who pray for and support us. We are so grateful to work with such amazing people!

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