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Midwest Flooding Recovery Efforts

Since we arrived in Nebraska on March 23, we have had the opportunity to work with 16 other states in the flood recovery efforts. Arkansas has supplied the unified command, chaplains, assessors, a feeding team, and a flood recovery team during that time. While Southern Baptist Disaster Relief has been in the region, we have been blessed to witness the salvation of 72 people! We are incredibly grateful that God has opened doors for us to share his love with these individuals.

What Southern Baptist Disaster Relief has done so far:

  • Provided 4,592 volunteers days
  • Worked 39,470 hours
  • Shared 380 Bible
  • Served 51,616 meals

Please continue to pray for:

  • The Kansas-Nebraska leadership as they continue in the recovery effort and ministering to those affected
  • Teams from across the country as they travel to and from Nebraska
  • Those that have been saved, that they would be able to become involved in a church community and continue to grow in their faith daily

Thank you to all those who have gone to serve those impacted by the flooding and to those who have partnered with us in prayer. We could not accomplish this much without your willingness to serve and pray.

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