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Disaster Relief Flooding Update


We’ve seen flooding impacting Fort Smith already. The river is expected to crest today in Van Buren but is supposed to start receding slowly. Homes and families down the river are now beginning to be affected.


Disaster Relief Flood Recovery Teams are making preparations now. There is an Emergency Flood Recovery Training this Saturday from 9 a.m. – 2 p.m. to train volunteers on flood recovery. New volunteers are encouraged to attend in order to serve their communities and neighbors in need. All current credentialed DR volunteers are encouraged to also attend for cross training at no cost.

Click here to register for this special training.


Please pray for those affected by these flood waters. Many are displaced from their homes and looking at serious damage to property. Also, pray for safety as the full force of the flood damage has yet to occur.


The costs associated with this relief effort will be high, and we are predicting a lengthy deployment. Your gifts through the Dixie Jackson Arkansas State Missions Offering allow Disaster Relief units the ability to stand prepared to respond at a moment’s notice but further donations are needed to withstand long term deployments like this one.

If you would like to financially support the important work of Disaster Relief, click here to give now.

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