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Daily Update: Disaster Relief Across State Lines


When disaster strikes, sometimes it’s an “all hands on deck” situation. Recently, Arkansas Baptist Disaster Relief volunteers have traveled to various states to help with recovery efforts. Before the Arkansas River flooding reached our state, it was causing severe damage in Oklahoma. We deployed volunteers to help with the relief efforts there. Arkansas DR chainsaw team volunteers deployed to Missouri a few months ago, and we sent volunteers to Florida for Hurricane Michael late last year and January of this year when their state was in desperate need. In the last few months, we also sent volunteers to relieve the flood and tornado damage in Nebraska, and we even set up and ran the main Incident Command there, coordinating Southern Baptist Disaster Relief flood recovery efforts across the state.

Well, now it’s our turn. Arkansas has seen historic flooding damage in the last several weeks and we are fortunate to have so many local volunteers giving their time and effort to the cause of flood relief. Because of the great extent of the damage, we are now receiving help from other states as well. A group from the Texas Men as well as teams from Florida, South Carolina, and Tennessee have arrived and are diving into the flood recovery work. We are so grateful for the strong relationships we have with Disaster Relief teams around the nation and the spirit of collaboration that exists between us.


We still need and ask for more volunteers! The locations below are where volunteers are needed. Click here to register as a volunteer.

  1. Conway
  2. North Little Rock
  3. Pine Bluff

Click here to register as a volunteer.

There is also an emergency training event this weekend that does not require registration in the Little Rock area. Click here for times and locations.


Please continue to pray for those who have survived this flooding crisis, and for our volunteers who are putting in many hours of hard work. Say a prayer of thanks also for the volunteers who have left their home states to assist in Arkansas’s time of need.


Monetary costs add up quickly in a major disaster like this one. If you feel led to support Disaster Relief financially, click here to give now.

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