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9-1 Update [Hurricane Laura]

UPDATE Hurricane Laura caused significant damage across Louisiana, and Arkansas Baptist Disaster Relief (DR) teams have been called to work in one of the hardest-hit locations: Lake Charles. With the extensive damage to that region, ABSC DR leaders anticipate being in Louisiana for a few months and hope that recovery volunteers will be available to […]

8-28 Update [Hurricane Laura]

UPDATE Hurricane/Tropical Storm Laura moved through Texas/Louisiana early Thursday morning and Arkansas mid-day. Storm reports are widespread across the three states. On the coast of Louisiana, damage reports were catastrophic. Arkansas Baptist Disaster Relief will be focusing efforts on the area of Lake Charles, Louisiana. In this area, their infrastructure took a significant hit. They […]

11/7/2018 Update

Disaster Relief is continuing their operations in Florida with feeding teams, chainsaw units, and shower and laundry units.