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9-8 Update [Hurricane Laura]


Teams from Arkansas Baptist Disaster Relief began helping the city of Lake Charles, Louisiana pick up the pieces of what will be a long recovery journey. 118 volunteers have already arrived and served 3,633 hours so far. 

Lake Charles Power and Water plants were destroyed, so power and clean drinking water have been the biggest issues to arise. Power is still out with no time table as to when it will come back on, so generators are being used. Potable water was brought in for showers, but drinking water is still a need. 

However, amid the destruction, praise reports are filtering in. So far 38 salvations have occurred. A drive-thru feeding line has been set up, and chaplains are walking along with the cars sharing the Gospel and praying for those in line. 


Chainsaw teams from Northwest Association, Faulkner Association, Balboa Baptist Church, Cross Church, and First Baptist Clarksville have all been activated and sent to help with clean up.  

The State Feeding Unit is supporting the kitchen and 57,130 meals have already been served. Mt. Zion Laundry and Shower Unit were also sent in to support. 

Additionally, The Management team on the ground became overwhelmed with requests. A phone bank has been set up at the Arkansas Baptist State Convention to help filter those work requests for leadership and volunteers.  


Please continue to pray for DR leadership as continue to assess and make assignments 

Pray for those who have sustained damage both at home and specifically those in Louisiana/Texas as they begin to pick up the pieces of what is left and rebuild. 

Pray for the safety and health of volunteers who have been activated to go and help clean-up efforts. 

Continue to pray that specific needs get met. So far, those prayers have been answered. Potable water was almost out when a gentleman showed up with a tanker full of water. Diesel fuel was also running low when a gentleman with Bubba Petroleum said his boss sent him to come to fill their tanks for free – they were fortunate to not lose too much and wanted to give back any way they could. Six-hundred gallons of fuel were donated.  

God continues to provide and bless those volunteering, as well as those who sustained the imaginable.

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