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9-14 Update [Hurricane Laura]


Teams from Arkansas Baptist Disaster Relief (DR) continue to help the city of Lake Charles, Louisiana pick up the pieces of what will be a long recovery journey after Hurricane Laura ripped through the area in August. DR leadership estimates they’ll be there for at least 1-2 more months.  

ABSC DR Teams in Louisiana have been using Louisiana Disaster Relief equipment and rotating teams through the area. A total of 155 volunteers from Arkansas have gone through the area and worked a total of 7,237 hours. 


Chaplains have been on-site and have had 150 professions of faith so far! 

Chainsaw teams from Central Association, Central Baptist Church in Jonesboro, Faulkner Association, Grand Avenue – Fort Smith, and Tri-County Association have all been activated and sent to relieve teams and help with clean-up.  

The Current-Gaines Feeding Unit is now supporting the kitchen and has helped serve 136,630 meals. 

Requests on the ground have become manageable, so the phone bank that was originally set up at the Arkansas Baptist State Convention to help filter those calls has been closed.  


Continue to pray for those who have sustained damage, specifically those in Louisiana and Texas, as they begin to pick up the pieces of what is left and rebuild. 

Pray for the safety and health of volunteers who have been activated to go and help with cleanup efforts. 

Continue to pray that specific needs, which pop up unexpectedly, get met.

God continues to provide and bless those volunteering, as well as those who sustained the imaginable.

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